What Are Hospice Volunteers?

If you have just began any of the hospice services Nevada residents trust for the best care, there is a chance you will run into a person called a hospice volunteer. This guide will help you better understand who they are and what you can expect them to be doing.
What is a hospice volunteer?
As the name suggests, a hospice volunteer is a person who volunteers their time in  the hospice industry. That means they do not get paid to offer the support to hospice staff, patients and the hospice doctor Las Vegas trusts most.
Since hospice offers so many services, many hospice volunteers are integral to the success of the hospice care program. These humanitarians fulfill a number of jobs that would cost quite a bit of money if they were paid positions.

What does a hospice volunteer do?

A hospice volunteer can do any number of jobs. Depending on their individual personality, talents, skills and preferences, you can see a hospice volunteer doing anything from administrative work to spending time by a patient’s bedside in their last moments.
Just a few of the jobs a hospice volunteer could fill are as follows:

  • Administrative work – This includes making copies, piling documents, putting together admission packets and anything else that may help the office run better.
  • Aromatherapy – This type of volunteer work comes from aromatherapists who are trained to use scents to help patients relax and release pain. There is so much support behind the use of aromatherapy that some centers for hospice services Nevada patients rely on offer to train their volunteers in the healing modality.
  • Beautician/barber services –  This only happens when a licensed beautician or barber offers their time and services for free. These volunteers will take their services to the home of patients who are otherwise unable to go out and get regular haircuts.
  • Caregiver relief – This includes taking care of a patient for a few hours so that the primary caregiver is able to take a break.
  • Massage therapy – This type of volunteer work comes from certified massage therapists who offer different types of healing and relaxing massage services to patients.
  • Reiki therapy – This is form of healing volunteer work is getting more and more popular in palliative care. It is offered by reiki practitioners who offer natural healing that comes as the result from the transfer of energy.
  • Social visits –  This is a very common form of hospice volunteer work. It consists of visiting patients in their homes to keep them company and offer emotional support. It is not a surprise that patients in the various hospice services Nevada offers appreciate this form of volunteer work the most.

We need volunteers. If you know anyone who may be interested in offering these or other invaluable services, send them to ProCare Hospice of Nevada. For more information about the best hospice services Nevada offers, contact 702.380.8300.

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