Letter From CEO/CMO

Letter from Dr. Parker

Welcome to our family.

From the moment I arrived at ProCare in 2019, I felt like family. Since that time, we – along with the world, have undergone tremendous changes. Our family has stuck together, weathered challenges and grown. I am tremendously proud of what we do here every day.

2021 saw the grand opening of our first Las Vegas inpatient unit. Designed to be a soothing, home-like atmosphere that allows for continuous care, we are proud to be in this state-of-the-art building that provides comfort for so many. The facility takes into consideration the needs of a family, providing serene spots and amenities so that patients and families have a refuge during difficult times.

Our staff is the best in the Las Vegas area. I hardly think of them as staff, most days. Instead, it’s the best kind of family — all working together to care for the families who entrust their loved ones to us. We only add people to the family that we know have a passion for what we do and bring their unique gifts to our families and those we care for.

I’ve worked at a number of hospices across the country, but it’s at ProCare that I feel I am at home. We hope that while you or a loved one are with us, you share that feeling.

Dr. Clevis Parker
ProCare Hospice of Nevada.

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