ProCare Foundation Helping Hospice Patients in Need.

The ProCare Foundation takes a straightforward approach to understanding the hospice community, finding the problems that exist for patients, and developing solutions. We find new ways to raise awareness, increase outreach and facilitate collaboration in an effort to improve a patient’s quality of life, easing their journey through serious illness.

We are an independent, not-for-profit foundation that has one mission: providing assistance to patients in need. Our staff is composed of all volunteers.

Throughout the State of Nevada, there are thousands of patients and families in need of financial assistance throughout their terminal illness and end-of-life care. Generous contributions like yours help cover medical costs for patients in need of financial assistance to provide essential comfort and symptom management, which may include support with necessary expenses such as rent or groceries, and absorb other costs that maintain or improve quality of life.

Supporting ProCare Foundation is the most direct way to provide patients and families facing a life-threatening or terminal illness with much-needed care and emotional support. Through your donation, you help meet the needs of these patients. It’s donations like yours that help us grow ProCare Foundation into something truly remarkable.

If you are interested in more information on how to support hospice patients in need, please call 702-380-8300.

What does the ProCare Foundation Do?

ProCare Hospice is a family-owned and operated hospice. We take pride in celebrating families of all kinds. We know that having a member of the family with a terminal illness can lead to unexpected financial burdens.

Our Foundation strives to support those unexpected costs that have limited community resources. We also believe families’ time together should be focused on making memories, expressing love, and providing comfort.

While Medicare and most major insurers pay fully for hospice care, there are plenty of costs that are not covered.

Our Social Workers connect families to community and governmental resources but there are still unexpected costs without support that our foundation aims to cover.  While medical visits for hospice staff are covered, additional comforting Therapeutic services and access to creating memories as a family and tangible legacy items are not. 

We believe in taking care of patients and their families as we would our own. To make sure their focus is on each other and not the stresses of financial burdens. In order to help cover costs that go beyond normal care, we created the ProCare Hospice of Nevada Foundation.

Isn’t ProCare a for-profit hospice? Why do you need a Foundation?

We are indeed a for-profit hospice. As we’ve noted, however, there are many related costs to illnesses that are out of our control or a patient’s control. Many family members may have to take unpaid leave from work to be a caregiver, especially as an illness progresses. They can lose income or even their job.

We see our patients and their loved ones as part of our family and like any family, we want to help. The Foundation receives and reviews all requests and helps wherever we can.

In addition, we have seen great comfort and benefits to those patients and loved ones in our care from such therapeutic services like massage therapy, music therapy, aromatherapy, reiki, and pet therapy We seek to provide patients and families access to books, nail care, comfort items, and even clothes hygiene products. We also provide Child Life Services, which includes one on one work with children affected by illness or death. This service not only aims to provide families with access to creating memories but tangible resources for children to understand and cope with death. We also aim to provide families with tangible legacy items such as memory boxes, hand molds, handprints, heartbeat recordings, and photographs.

While we would love to provide those things for free, there is a cost. So that the costs are not transferred to our patients, we created the ProCare Hospice of Nevada  Foundation to ensure they can be provided to all.

What else does the Foundation do?

We believe strongly that everyone has a right to comfort, dignity, and the best possible quality of life for those with a terminal illness. We are passionate about what hospice means. We work with partners like NHPCO, We Honor Veterans, and NACG to identify and develop solutions for issues facing the hospice community and the patients we serve. We work to raise awareness of hospice and palliative care, to make sure everyone is aware of what hospice and palliative care services are, and provide factual information at both the adult and pediatric levels. We are also passionate about increasing outreach and services in underserved communities.

The bottom line is, we are an independent, not-for-profit foundation composed of volunteers, that have one mission: providing assistance to patients in need.

Within our community, there are thousands of patients and families in need of financial assistance throughout their terminal illness and end-of-life care. Your generous contribution helps cover those costs for patients in need, providing essential comfort. Your gift helps relieve a family’s worry and allows them to focus on being there for their loved one at the end.     

How does the Foundation help the pediatric program?

Support for our Child Life Services is one of the most critical aspects of the Foundation. Families with a child in pediatric hospice face additional burdens. We help provide those young patients in our care and their siblings, parents, and loved ones the access to a child’s fundamental right to play. With the help of the Foundation, we provide developmentally-appropriate toys, new baby baskets, birthday celebrations, family activities, and events, as well as tangible legacy items.

If you’d like more information on how to support hospice patients in need, call us at 702-380-8300. Or click above to donate financially, or visit the CareOusel Pediatric Program’s Amazon Wish List.

It’s thanks to your support we are growing the ProCare Hospice of Nevada Foundation into something remarkable. Thank you.

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