ProCare Mission

ProCare Hospice is a family-owned and operated hospice. We celebrate families of all kinds and we know the value of family in life and in healthcare.

What are our values?

Compassion — Each patient, family and loved one deserves compassion, especially during the most vulnerable stage of life. This extends to our staff as well — compassion to each other and to those we care for.

Dignity — Each patient, family and loved one deserves dignity. We are all human and deserve the dignity of a comfortable, painless end. We all deserve to have someone with us at the end, just as someone was with us in the beginning.

Respect — Each member of a family, each patient and each loved one deserves respect. Each person deserves to be treated with care and regard. No one is a number and no one, regardless of their circumstances, should be treated less than anyone else. We respect our staff and encourage respect among each other, just like any other family.

Honesty — Each patient and loved one in their circle deserves honesty, especially at the end of life. Honest and open discussion may be hard, but at this critical time, there is no room for anything else. We believe in an ethical and open workplace that encourages respectful attitudes and safe discussion of issues or challenges.

What is our mission?

We are committed to improving the quality of life for those in our care. The core of the hospice care philosophy is that the care is patient and family-centered. It does not prolong life nor hasten death, but works to treat the person and their loved ones with comfort and dignity.

We know it would be almost impossible for any one person to bring together all the people and equipment that would be needed to care for someone with a terminal illness. We also know that no one will for a member of the family like another member of the family.

That makes our mission simple. We combine professional medical care with family devotion to provide a dignified and comfortable end-of-life journey for everyone.

ProCare – At the end of life, we care for your family with our family.

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