Why Procare Hospice?

Hospice patient with nurse
At ProCare Hospice, we care for your family with our family.

We understand.

We know most people don’t think of hospice care until it’s urgently needed. If someone isn’t familiar with hospice, it can be an overwhelming process to first learn what hospice is, and then figure out who will provide the best hospice care for you or your loved one. It’s a lot to figure out. You want to make the best choice. But with a decision this important, and with so little time, it can feel impossible to make a decision the way you might normally.

We understand. What we can do is give you a few of the reasons we think we can be the best resource for you and your family.

We are a family.

ProCare Hospice is family-owned and operated. We are involved with what happens every day. Our core values are the values of a family. We celebrate families of all kinds. We know how important family members are to each other. We understand that what happens to a family member doesn’t happen in a vacuum — it affects everyone in the family.

We only hire the people we know will be like a family to us. Why? Because we know if our team feels like family, they’ll treat each other like family. And they will care for our patients like family. That’s why we created ProCare Hospice. We know no one can care for family like family. We bring professional medical care together with family devotion.

We have a CEO that’s a CMO.

Dr. Clevis Parker, our CEO and Chief Medical Officer, is uniquely qualified to oversee our hospice. As a board member of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO)  and a hospice-certified physician for over a decade, he knows what it takes on the day-to-day level to care for a patient with a terminal illness.

He has worked at hospices across the country and has a wealth of experience that guides, educates and motivates our family-oriented team. His expertise in cultural understanding at the end of life, and years of experience bring a layer of support and care to our service that no other hospice in the area can match.

Read Dr. Parker’s letter here.

We provide support for those in need.

The ProCare Foundation was established to ensure everyone has access to quality hospice care, regardless of their ability to pay. While Medicare and most major insurers provide hospice coverage, many things fall outside that window. Higher utility bills for medical equipment in the home, or the loss of income when a caregiver has to stay out of work … these things can place financial burdens on a family at a time when they should be focused on the time remaining with a loved one. Alternative or holistic pain relief like massage therapy are not covered by insurance, and these can add proven benefits to a patient’s quality of life.

Our Foundation reviews requests and works to provide support, so that a patient’s final days are comfortable and dignified. Learn more about our Foundation click here.

We provide specialized pediatric care.

As heartbreaking as it is, children and teens sometimes suffer from terminal illness. Their needs are different from those at later stages of life, as are the needs of their families. CareOusel Pediatrics provides the trained and specialized care these children and families need. Our experienced staff provides gentle and understanding care every day to these suffering families. 

Learn more about our CareOusel Program click here.

We honor veterans.

As a proud Level Four partner in the We Honor Veterans program, we are trained to listen and care for veterans at the end of their journey. We hire veterans whenever possible and we know the unique challenges these brave soldiers have faced, and will face, as they undertake their last mission.  We provide a special Veteran’s Room in our hospice, that allows veterans to know their sacrifices are honored and will be remembered. We also provide Veteran Recognition Ceremonies, that allow veterans and their families to celebrate their service.

To learn more about the We Honor Veterans program, click here.

We provide holistic care.

We believe medicine alone is not enough. A comforting atmosphere, the support of family and friends and so many other aspects of life can come together to provide relief and increase the quality of life at the end.

While we work to keep patients where they are most comfortable (usually in the place they call home), our new inpatient unit is designed to be a soothing, home-like atmosphere.  In addition, our complementary therapies program focuses on treatments like massage therapy, music therapy and pet therapy, to increase relief and comfort for each patient.

Learn more about these therapies click here.

We care for the whole family.

There is no substitute for family. Whether a family is composed of blood relatives or the bonds built over a lifetime, we know family is the greatest gift humans have. We also know that not only the patient suffers during the end of their life. The grief and burden of being a caretaker to a family member can be overwhelming.

Our family supports your family during caregiving. It also provides guidance after a loved one’s passing. Our bereavement programs can provide support as those left behind learn to deal with one of the most difficult kinds of loss.

To learn more about our bereavement services, click here.

ProCare Hospice is unique among the over 100 hospices in the Southern Nevada area. Our mission is always to find out the best way our family can help your family at the end of life.

We are here 24/7 for any questions you have. Call us at 702-380-8300 to find out more about how the ProCare Hospice family can help you and your family.

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