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Did you know the first hospice in America started with a group of volunteers?
In 1974, Florence Wald, along with nurses, doctors and clergy members founded Connecticut Hospice, after she was inspired by a lecture given by Dr. Cicely Saunders, founder of St. Christopher’s Hospice, the first of its kind in the world. The hospice philosophy was revolutionary at the time. Now, there are over 5,500 hospices in the United States alone. 
That speaks to the power of volunteering!
Hospice volunteers can assist patients by providing respite care, emotional support, companionship, running errands and more. Volunteering your time for those at the end of life is a unique gift that can never truly be measured. At ProCare Hospice, we are a family-owned and operated hospice. We celebrate families of all kinds. We look for volunteers who want to be part of the ProCare family because we believe in caring for patients like they are family. 
There are so many ways volunteers can get involved with ProCare Hospice. From spending time with patients, to helping with administrative work, to providing a shoulder to cry on for a caregiver who needs support to wrapping presents for a child on our CareOusel Pediatric program, there are always opportunities for additional care and support. We see working with volunteers as a unique privilege. It provides a new perspective on a patient and their loved one’s circumstances. It brings fresh eyes to what we do every day as part of a care team.

Each volunteer brings their own special skills and talents  to what we do. During an interview process with our Volunteer Coordinator, we’ll find out where you want to volunteer, what your strengths are, how they can help our patients and staff, and how we can meet your goals as a volunteer).  We provide all the training you’ll need, so you feel comfortable and confident, even if you’ve never volunteered in hospice or a healthcare setting before. 

Volunteers provide a beautiful and necessary array of duties. They may hold the hand of a patient when they are alone, or laugh with patients and loved ones while reminiscing. They may provide respite care, provide emotional support or companionship. Specialized volunteers may help provide pet therapy. Volunteers may work with bereavement staff or help place customer service calls, or NHPCO Veteran Specific Questionnaire calls. Hospice care touches all areas of a patient and their families’ lives. Volunteers play a crucial role in reaching many of those areas. 

Nationwide, more than 400,000 trained volunteers provide more than 19 million hours of service for hospice patients each year. If you have questions about how you can help at ProCare Hospice, or are ready to volunteer, call 702-380-8300. 

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