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Our Mission at ProCare Hospice of Nevada

ProCare Mission 
ProCare Hospice is a family-owned and operated hospice. We celebrate families of all kinds and we know the value of family in life and in healthcare.

What are our values? 
Compassion — Each patient, family and loved one deserves compassion, especially during the most vulnerable stage of life. This extends to our staff as well — compassion to each other and to those we care for.

Dignity — Each patient, family and loved one deserves dignity. We are all human and deserve…

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Managing Pain in Hospice Care

Hospice care is designed to provide comfort and support to individuals facing the end stages of a terminal illness, focusing on enhancing their quality of life rather than extending it. Central to this care is effective pain management, which is essential for alleviating physical discomfort and improving overall well-being.  Table of Contents: Understanding Pain in Hospice Care Addressing the Fear of Addiction in Hospice Care Alternative Pain Management Techniques Enhancing Comfort and Care at ProCare Hospice Frequently Asked Questions Understanding Pain in Hospice Care In Las Vegas hospice care, managing pain is a cornerstone of providing compassionate and effective care....
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Hospice Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering in hospice care in Las Vegas offers a unique chance to touch lives at a time when warmth, kindness, and support are most needed. ProCare Hospice of Nevada, as the only physician-run hospice in the Las Vegas Valley, opens its doors to volunteers who wish to make a significant impact in their community. Table of Contents: Importance of Volunteers in Hospice Different Types of Volunteer Roles in Hospice Care Benefits of Volunteering in Hospice Care Become a Volunteer At ProCare Hospice of Nevada Frequently Asked Questions Importance of Volunteers in Hospice Volunteers are a core component of the hospice...
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Common Myths About Hospice Care

Hospice care is a critical yet often misunderstood aspect of healthcare. It is designed to provide comfort and support to patients and families who reside in Las Vegas, during their most vulnerable times. Despite its importance, many myths and misconceptions surround hospice care, leading to unnecessary fear and hesitation. Table of Contents: Myth 1: Hospice Care Means Giving Up Hope Myth 2: Hospice Care Hastens Death Myth 3: Hospice is Only for Cancer Patients Myth 4: Hospice Care is Only for the Last Few Days of Life Myth 5: Hospice Care is Expensive Myth 6: Hospice Care is Only Provided...
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Signs of Dehydration in Hospice Patients

Understanding dehydration is crucial in hospice situations, particularly in a hot, dry climate like that of Las Vegas, where the natural environment can exacerbate health challenges. Dehydration in hospice patients is more than just a matter of fluid intake; it relates to various complex changes in the body as it nears the end of life. For many, the concept of dehydration brings up images of someone very thirsty in a desert setting. However, in hospice care, it’s less about the amount of water consumed and more about how the body adjusts to a natural decline in physiological functions. Table of...
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Tips For Navigating Grief

Grief is a profound and complex emotion that arises from loss. It encompasses a range of emotional, physical, and psychological reactions, making it a deeply personal experience for each individual and can end up manifesting in various ways. Table of Contents The Depths of Grief Coping Strategies Honoring Your Loved One in Las Vegas Professional Support Moving Forward FAQs The Depths of Grief Elisabeth Kübler-Ross introduced the well-known five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. However, it's crucial to understand that grief doesn't adhere strictly to these stages in a linear fashion. In Las Vegas, as elsewhere,...
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The Longest Day

Join us on June 22nd as Alzheimer's Association-Southern Nevada Chapter teams up with us, Full Throttle Law, Leather Headquarters, and Mountain Springs Saloon to make a difference! Let's raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer's together. June 22, 2024Registration: 9AM - 10:30AMRide Start: Alzheimer's AssociationRide 7720 S. Cimarron Ste 210, Las Vegas , NV 89113Ride End: ProCare Hospice8025 Amigo St. Las Vegas, NV 89123 Online registration is now open! Secure your spot for "The Longest Day" event and snag a T-shirt, Poker hand, and lunch!  Register Here!
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Hospice Care For Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's disease is a neurological condition that affects millions of individuals worldwide, including those residing. It gradually impairs cognitive function, memory, and behavior, ultimately leading to a decline in the individual's ability to perform daily activities. As the disease progresses, Alzheimer's patients in Las Vegas experience significant challenges, such as forgetting familiar faces or places and struggling to communicate effectively with their loved ones. Table of Contents What is Alzheimer's Disease? Challenges Faced by Alzheimer's Patients and Their Families Introduction to Hospice Care Benefits of Hospice Care for Alzheimer's Patients The Role of Hospice Care Team Making the Decision: When...
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Nutritional Support in Hospice Care

In the delicate phase of terminal illness, patients and their families in Las Vegas often face the challenging reality of declining health and changing needs. One significant aspect of this journey is nutritional impairment, where patients may experience a decrease in appetite or difficulty eating. Understanding and addressing this issue is crucial for ensuring the comfort and well-being of the patient in their final days. Table of Contents Importance of Addressing Nutritional Impairment Tips for Supporting Changing Appetite Specific Dietary Considerations Hospice Eligibility and Support Psychological and Emotional Support Practical Caregiving Tips Importance of Compassionate End-of-Life Care FAQs Importance of...
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Meaningful Activities for Families in Hospice Care

Amidst the emotional challenges and uncertainties that accompany Las Vegas hospice care, meaningful activities emerge as vital components in enhancing the quality of life for both patients and their loved ones. From fostering emotional resilience to creating lasting memories, these activities offer moments of connection, joy, and solace during a time that can otherwise feel overwhelming. Table Of Contents Understanding Hospice Care in Las Vegas Importance of Meaningful Activities Meaningful Activities for Families Creative Arts and Crafts Nature and Outdoor Activities Spiritual and Reflective Practices Community Engagement and Support Seeking Support With ProCare Hospice of Nevada Understanding Hospice Care in...
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Preparing Your Home for Hospice Care 

When faced with the decision of hospice care at home, it's natural to feel overwhelmed. But amidst the emotions, creating a comfortable and safe environment for your loved one is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of preparing your home for hospice care, offering insights, tips, and resources to facilitate a seamless transition. Table Of Contents Understanding Hospice Care Assessing Your Home's Accessibility Creating a Comfortable Environment Ensuring Safety Measures Supporting Emotional Well-being Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Partner with ProCare Hospice of Nevada for Compassionate Care Understanding Hospice Care Hospice care in Las Vegas embodies a...
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We Honor Veterans

Military Veterans have put their lives on the line to protect our country and the freedoms we enjoy. ProCare Hospice is proud to provide hospice care for these Veterans who have sacrificed so much for us.

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National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

ProCare Hospice of Nevada is a proud member of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. Our mission is similar to theirs, in that we intend Our mission is similar to theirs, in that we intend to lead and mobilize social change for improved care at the end of life.

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CHAP accredits home and community-based health care organizations that make high-quality care a strategic business priority.

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Careousel is a division of ProCare Hospice of Nevada and brings comfort and care to enhance the quality of life for patients from prenatal (before birth) to age 21. The program supports the specialized needs and medical care of the child, their parents and siblings, other family members, caregivers, classmates and teachers.

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