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Our Mission at ProCare Hospice of Nevada

ProCare Mission 
ProCare Hospice is a family-owned and operated hospice. We celebrate families of all kinds and we know the value of family in life and in healthcare.

What are our values? 
Compassion — Each patient, family and loved one deserves compassion, especially during the most vulnerable stage of life. This extends to our staff as well — compassion to each other and to those we care for.

Dignity — Each patient, family and loved one deserves dignity. We are all human and deserve…

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Celebration of Life Ceremony

Please join the ProCare Hospice of Nevada family as we honor, recognize, and remember those we love and are now gone from our sight, but kept alive in our hearts. If you would like to bring a picture (5x7or smaller) or a memory object of the person you're celebrating, it will be laid on The Table of Remembrance, for the candle lighting. We look forward to Celebrating your loved ones. JUNE 4, 20221:00-3:00 P.M.8025 AMIGO ST.LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89123 Bereavement is the experience of losing someone important to us. It is characterized by grief, which is the process and the...
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Community Vigil

We at ProCare Hospice of Nevada and CareOusel Pediatrics believe that we are stronger together working as community partners than we ever could be as individual entities We are also clear that there are many community partners that are already committed to serving the Las Vegas Valley. It is ProCare's desire to join the vision and hard work that is already happening in the Valley for the well-being of our families and the collective vision of creating a safe and healthy community. ProCare Hospice invites you to join us for a Community Vigil for the Families and Victims of Violence...
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Dr. Clevis Parker Appointed to NHPCO Board of Directors

ProCare Hospice of Nevada delivers hospice and palliative care to adult and pediatric populations within the Las Vegas and Pahrump community. Las Vegas, Nevada – ProCare Hospice of Nevada is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Clevis Parker to the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) Board of Directors for a three year term. Appointment to the Board of Directors demonstrates a high level of commitment to quality end-of-life care in the community.Dr. Clevis T. Parker, Sr. currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Medical Officer for ProCare Hospice of Nevada. As amember of NHPCO, ProCare Hospice provides specialized...
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Navigating Grief During The Holidays

With the holiday season approaching, most people get into a festive mood. However, families that have lost someone recently may experience a sense of excessive loss, emptiness, and grief. The festivities around you heighten this feeling. Here are some tips that can help you navigate grief around the holiday season. 1. Do Not Try To Contain Your Grief It is essential to understand that grieving is a very normal process. If you are feeling sad, don't be ashamed to express that emotion, even if certain people around you make you feel uncomfortable about it. You can keep those people at...
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How To Enhance The Quality Of Life For Your Loved One In Hospice Care

Terminally ill patients need care, compassion, and comfort. Relatives and caretakers must work to improve their quality of life during their final days. A hospice provides all the support a patient needs during the final days of their life. However, there are ways to improve their quality of life even more. Here are some ways in which you can help: 1. Give Them Control People in hospice care often struggle because they have lost control over their life and schedule. This can lead to a feeling of helplessness, which takes a toll on a patient’s mental health. Caregivers should give...
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Grief Support Options For Losing Someone You Love

Grief is a powerful, overwhelming state of mind. Losing someone who has been a vital part of your life can impact you in many ways, and sometimes your reaction can be unexpected. That's why it is critical to seek out support after losing someone you love. Everyone has a different way of coping with grief, and there's no right or wrong method. But it is essential to ensure your way of coping isn't destructive. People can become lost in grief, which can have a significant impact on their personal and professional life. Fortunately, there are many support options available today:...
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ProCare Hospice in the News

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ProCare Hospice of Nevada participates in Charity Golf Tournament!

ProCare Hospice of Nevada participates in Desert View Hospital's Second Annual Charity Golf Tournament! Desert View Hospital hosted its second annual charity golf tournament at Mountain Falls Golf Club to benefit the Desert View Hospital Foundation, a non-profit that directly benefits Pahrump residents. Special thanks to everyone involved!
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The Many Faces of Loss and Grief

There is a universal truth of existence that applies to all, and this truth declares that there are two constants in life relevant to every human being, and none have immunity to these matters. These are the constants of change, and death. The compassionate staff at ProCare Hospice of Nevada knows firsthand that these two constants are also the direct source of Loss and Grief. Death happens and the loss brings grief. Death is the change that comes to all, but this inevitable part of reality can be understood in order to ease unnecessary emotional suffering. The purpose of this...
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Effect of Hospice Care on Loved Ones

For people with a life-limiting illness, hospice care can help maximize quality of life for the time they have left. Instead of staying in a hospital, patients can remain at home and receive nursing care. Hospice workers assist with basic tasks such as bathing and dressing, as well as monitor a patient’s symptoms, condition and overall health. A patient’s family members also benefit from hospice care, because hospice offers counseling services that can help both patients and their loved ones cope with the changes they’re facing as a result of the illness.     Emotional and Spiritual Support While many...
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We Honor Veterans

Military Veterans have put their lives on the line to protect our country and the freedoms we enjoy. ProCare Hospice is proud to provide hospice care for these Veterans who have sacrificed so much for us.

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National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

ProCare Hospice of Nevada is a proud member of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. Our mission is similar to theirs, in that we intend Our mission is similar to theirs, in that we intend to lead and mobilize social change for improved care at the end of life.

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CHAP accredits home and community-based health care organizations that make high-quality care a strategic business priority.

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Careousel is a division of ProCare Hospice of Nevada and brings comfort and care to enhance the quality of life for patients from prenatal (before birth) to age 21. The program supports the specialized needs and medical care of the child, their parents and siblings, other family members, caregivers, classmates and teachers.

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