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Health care providers are invaluable team members in the care of ProCare Hospice of Nevada’s patients. Delivering a terminal diagnosis is one of the most difficult conversations a physician will ever have with their patient. As trusted advisers, you’re often the first to discuss advanced care options or advance care planning with your patients and their loved ones. When they have questions and you need answers, we’re here for you with the information, education and professional guidance you expect from your partner in caring.

Our care teams offer you updates based on your preferences, coordinate care with specialist and Our care teams offer you updates based on your preferences, coordinate care with specialist and consulting providers, and respond to patient situations around the clock, offering you greater peace of mind.


Patients are eligible for hospice care when they have an advanced illness and life expectancy of of six months or less, as determined by a physician. They also must desire hospice care, which stresses comfort and pain management over disease-modifying therapies.

If you are unsure about the prognosis, our physicians are available for consults anytime. For patients and loved ones, we offer no-obligation information visits to help them understand their choices.


There’s a myth that hospice care is only for people with cancer. ProCare Hospice serves patients with a variety of advanced, end-stage conditions. These include, but are not limited to, cancer, cardiopulmonary disease, end-stage renal failure, end-stage liver disease, neurological conditions, end-stage HIV and malnutrition.


After you approve the transition to ProCare Hospice and the patient and family consent to our services, we work with all parties to craft a unique plan of care. We ask you how — and how often — you want updates. We give you choices about your role in ongoing care — by maintaining total care, allowing us to manage pain and symptoms, or consenting for us to manage total care. To us, your decision is never final.


A member from our team can come to your office or facility with information for you or your patients. They can also work with your team to set up an in-service training for larger groups. We offer topics related to advanced illness, communication skills, advanced care planning/POLST, admission criteria, ethics, spirituality and many more, with some programs as brief as 20 minutes.

Long-Term Care

We partner with nursing homes and assisted living communities to provide compassionate care to residents. We offer an added layer of support, including care planning assistance, help with Medicaid applications and pre-screening, in-service trainings for staff, memorial services, emotional support for family members, and specialized programs such as wound care, and crisis intervention care. We’re there when you need us, including nights, weekends and holidays.

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