Music Therapy and the Hospice Patient

As time goes on, health care professionals are becoming more open to the validity of alternate healing methods. These can include reiki therapy, aromatherapy and even music therapy. This guide will help you to understand music therapy and how it can benefit the success of your Las Vegas hospice services.

Why music therapy for Las Vegas hospice services?

Music therapy has been used for thousands of years because of its ability to promote healing and enhance the quality of life for many patients. Research found that this is done by helping patients express themselves emotionally and socially interact more with other patients and loved ones.
There is even evidence that music therapy can be used for pain relief as long as it is used with another more conventional form of treatment. It helps relieve stress and the nausea associated with chemotherapy. Depending on the type of music used, there have been reported cases of music therapy lowering heart rate and blood pressure.
Because of this, music therapy is usually used to help treat physical, emotional and mental symptoms. This is most often done in relation to the pain, anxiety and nausea symptoms caused by cancer and chemotherapy. That is because it helps these patients calm down, sleep more and feel less depressed.
In order for music therapy to work, music therapists create a course of music sessions tailored to a patient’s specific needs and musical preferences. The course can include writing and making music, discussing lyrics or just listening to the songs. This can also be done for groups. It can be done for patients of all ages in essentially any setting. That means patients in Las Vegas hospice services can benefit from the success that is often reported with this style of treatment.

Is there evidence?

Numerous studies have shown that music therapy is beneficial to all aspects of health in people of all ages. When used with traditional treatments, it has been proven that music therapy helps most medical treatments work better. That includes cancer treatments and pain relief courses.
With the help of a hospice doctor Las Vegas relies on, music therapy has been proven to help hospice patients feel more comfortable because they are able to relax more and feel less pain. It has also been reported to reduce a hospice patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, depression, insomnia and anxiety.

Are there any complications?

As long as music therapy is done under the watchful eye of a therapist who is professionally trained, there are rarely complications with the treatment. If the person conducting treatment is untrained, there is a chance they can make patients more stressful and uncomfortable.
It is also not wise to rely on music therapy as a primary form of treatment. It is meant to be used along side more conventional methods of care to accentuate and strengthen them.
If this sounds like something you may be interested in, don’t hesitate to speak with a hospice doctor Las Vegas patients trust. Since the professionals at ProCare Hospice of Nevada are dedicated to your care and happiness, you can trust they will keep your best interests in mind. For more information about Las Vegas hospice services, contact 702.380.8300.

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