The Many Faces of Loss and Grief

There is a universal truth of existence that applies to all, and this truth declares that there are two constants in life relevant to every human being, and none have immunity to these matters. These are the constants of change, and death. The compassionate staff at ProCare Hospice of Nevada knows firsthand that these two constants are also the direct source of Loss and Grief. Death happens and the loss brings grief. Death is the change that comes to all, but this inevitable part of reality can be understood in order to ease unnecessary emotional suffering. The purpose of this blog is not to take away your pain, but to offer insight so that one can help their own self to find solace and reprieve in accepting and coping with the many faces of Loss and Grief.

Types of Grief

Grief is the response to loss of any kind, and or the anticipation of a pending loss. Psychologists have coined three categories of grief; Normal grief, Anticipatory Grief, and Complicated Grief.
Normal Grief is the most common and reoccurring, but is also the type that time cures and the ability to move on happens naturally. Each person is different and there is no formula to predict when and how one will move on, but it is common with Normal grief that a person can continue to function and handle their daily business. Symptoms of Normal grief include, sadness, insomnia, confusion, an inability to concentrate, emptiness and many other expressions of emotional distress, but with Normal Grief healing and getting back to normal is just a matter of time.
Anticipatory Grief is the type most commonly cared for by the staff at ProCare Hospice of Nevada. This is the type of grief that is bought on by knowledge of pending loss of a loved one, or pending death of self – do to terminal illness. As soon as one accepts death is approaching the grief process commences. For this desolation there is no easy button to press and make all things better. Yet, there can be preparation, and the nurturing of acceptance. If it is a loved one you are anticipating losing there can be quality time spent together and the cultivation of a sense of closure. If it is coping with your own pending loss there are places like ProCare that offers hospice services that are all about catering to you and making life great for the time one has remaining.
Complicated Grief is a type of emotional disorder layered with depression and anxiety that is often paired or grouped with other types of grief; such as, chronic grief, distorted grief, and or delayed grief. This is a condition where healing is prolonged and the ability to function daily is difficult, or even worse daily life is suspended, and grieving is the dominant content of ones day.

Types of Loss

Types of loss; include loss of a spouse/ or loved one, loss of a parent or sibling, loss of a child, loss from a disaster, and loss of health/limb, or acceptance of a handicap. Loss is usually sudden, or anticipated. It is usually when loss comes unexpectantly that coping is most difficult. Mourning and grief is the reaction to loss.
ProCare Hospice of Nevada is here to serve our clients by providing the care, compassion, and assistance to aid individuals and family in facing the many faces of loss and grief. With ProCare, you and your family will never feel alone. And the hopes of acceptance are our tools to make time and your life, as it is, appreciated and well spent.

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