Effect of Hospice Care on Loved Ones

For people with a life-limiting illness, hospice care can help maximize quality of life for the time they have left. Instead of staying in a hospital, patients can remain at home and receive nursing care. Hospice workers assist with basic tasks such as bathing and dressing, as well as monitor a patient’s symptoms, condition and overall health. A patient’s family members also benefit from hospice care, because hospice offers counseling services that can help both patients and their loved ones cope with the changes they’re facing as a result of the illness.
Emotional and Spiritual Support
While many people choose hospice for the physical and medical care it offers, the counseling services and emotional support are equally beneficial — both for patients and their families. Hospice organizations typically help patients and those close to them prepare for what the illness will bring and how it will affect everyone. They also offer grief and bereavement counseling to help family members deal with the loss of their loved one.
Advocacy and a Team Approach
Receiving a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness can be overwhelming both for patients and their family members. They might not know where to turn or what to expect. They may also feel overwhelmed by the many facets of medical care they must address. For example, they must keep track of medications and watch for possible complications. Hospice takes a team approach that includes physicians, nurses, social workers and counselors. Together they create a plan that best meets the patients’ needs and can ease some of the burden on both the patient and their family members.
How ProCare Hospice of Nevada Helps Loved Ones
At ProCare, we provide counseling services to both patients their families. Our staff includes social workers, counselors, and spiritual care coordinators. Family members benefit from emotional and spiritual support services both while the patient is ill and even after the patient passes. In fact, family members can take part in support groups and individual counseling for at least one year after their loved one passes. These services are provided at no charge.
For compassionate hospice care in Las Vegas, turn to ProCare Hospice of Nevada. We can provide services customized to the needs of you and your loved ones, so that you can all better navigate this trying time.

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