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When someone you love is terminally ill, one of the concerns that you have is how you are going to pay for everything. The treatment that they are receiving is not free, and that expense is going to be placed on someone. You have to …

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Health It Up

These days, everyone is required to have health insurance, or they risk getting a fine. This has its ups and downs. When you are young and in your prime, you probably do not go to the doctor very often. You do not get sick as …

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Keep It Hospice

There is a large difference between a Hospice and palliative care. At a hospice, you have a team people who develop a plan of care for you individually. At Pro Care Hospice you can receive treatment from:

Your primary care physician
The hospice physician
Registered nurses
Home health aides …

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Meet The Staff

Expecting the unexpected is something that is underestimated. People may not think about a hospice until they have someone in their life that has to go there. When you find out that someone you love has hit a point in their sickness where they have …

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What’s Going On?

When you have a loved one who is terminally ill, there are several things that may be running through your mind. You have probably been given the option of putting them in a hospice, but you simply may not know what all that entails. Pro …

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