Navigating Grief During The Holidays

With the holiday season approaching, most people get into a festive mood. However, families that have lost someone recently may experience a sense of excessive loss, emptiness, and grief. The festivities around you heighten this feeling. Here are some tips that can help you navigate grief around the holiday season.

1. Do Not Try To Contain Your Grief

It is essential to understand that grieving is a very normal process. If you are feeling sad, don’t be ashamed to express that emotion, even if certain people around you make you feel uncomfortable about it. You can keep those people at arm’s length and interact with others who would understand what you are going through and be supportive.

2. Recognize Your Triggers

Regardless of the type of loss you have experienced, some situations become trigger points for your grief. You must recognize these triggers that bring on sorrow and avoid situations that could be potentially upsetting; these can only extend the grieving process.

3. Do Not Over-Commit

It is best not to overcommit yourself to too many events and get-togethers. This aspect is even more essential when you are grieving. One of the best ways to minimize your burden is to avoid making promises. If you feel that certain events are going to stress you out, stay away from them, and attend only ones that you think will help with your grieving.

4. Ask For Support

If certain events are unavoidable, make it a point to ask for help. Do not try to make the entire holiday meal without some help from family or friends. Even if that’s what you have been doing for several years, make some changes now. Seek assistance from people that are close to you as that will help you navigate your grief in a better way.

5. Be Thankful For Your Memories

You know what your loved one liked or enjoyed doing. For example, if there was a song they particularly liked, make it a point to play it during the holiday season. You also have the option to cook your loved one’s favorite dish or make a toast to all the loving memories you have of that person.

6. Do Not Miss Your Therapy Sessions

It isn’t uncommon for people to get very busy over the holidays due to which they end up missing their regular therapist appointments. If you are attending any support group meetings, you may miss those around this time as well. Do not skip these sessions or appointments as they are an excellent way to keep the stresses and grief at minimal levels. Any professional support resources that you have can prove to be very beneficial when you are dealing with pain.

7. Stay Away From Overindulgence

It isn’t uncommon for those who are grieving to over-indulge in food or drink. You would have to make extra efforts to stay on track, eat healthily, and keep stresses at bay. Self-care is a crucial aspect of dealing with grief, which many people tend to overlook. 

8. Check-In With Family Members

 It is a good idea to check in with other family members that have also experienced the loss of your loved one in the manner that you have. Give yourself some time to reflect on the individual who passed and help your family members to do the same. Do not consider it to be taboo or unusual to talk about the person that is no more. You and your family members can share memories about the person that has passed. Know that there are no rules when it comes to navigating grief, and you should find what works best for you during the holidays.

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