Helping Children Cope with Loss

More often than not, the people hit the hardest by loss in a family are the children. Their open hearts and innocently curious minds have a difficult time processing that someone they love and care about is not coming back. Thankfully, you can lessen the blow by helping children cope with loss before the loss takes place. If you have a loved one receiving hospice in Las Vegas, use this guide to talk with your child about the loss they are about to face.

Answer the Questions

Naturally, your child will have a number of questions about what is happening to their loved one. The following questions may be the hardest for you to address so here are our answers:

Why does {insert name} have to die?

The easiest way to address this question, in the case of death by illness, is to explain that your loved one’s body just couldn’t fight anymore. After the body fights for so long, it gets tired and wants to rest. If the child is very young, make sure to emphasize that they will not likely die every time they catch a cold. Many people manage to get better after they heal.

Is death like sleeping?

Explain that death, while it may look like sleeping, is very different from sleep. In sleep, your body still works. You still breath and your heart still beats. In death, everything stops. This is to prevent your child from being afraid to sleep at night.

Will {insert name} come back?

Young children have a difficult time grasping concepts that are set in the future. So, it makes sense that “forever” does not come easy to them. You will have to explain that your loved one has lived all the life they were meant to live. You may also have to explain that your loved one will not experience a cartoon-like regeneration some time down the line. Explain that your loved one cared for the child deeply, and the child will always be able to connect to that love through the beautiful memories in their heart that will never die.

Why did God let this happen?

Regardless of your personal faith, your child may ask this question. The only safe way to answer this question lies within the constructs of your family’s faith and religious beliefs. If you can’t come up with an answer that honors your child’s curiosity and your faith, consider seeking the help of the clergy available as part of the hospice care that Las Vegas offers.
When you choose Las Vegas hospice services, it is important to remember that children need to be cared for during this difficult time as well. Choose a friendly staff that is experienced in helping children cope with loss. For more information about the hospice care Las Vegas trusts with their children, contact ProCare Hospice of Nevada at 702.380.8300.

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