Heart Disease and Hospice

There are many different reasons why a person should be considering hospice care. Severe heart disease is definitely one of the. If you have this devastating condition, your body has probably been put through the wringer. Constant doctor and hospital visits and tons of medications must get old fast, especially when it only seems like your symptoms are getting worse.
Then, as if that didn’t sound terrible enough, you get a glimmer of hope. Your symptoms improve for a little while. Then your health spirals right back down taking the morale of you and your family with it. That is when you know it may be time to seek hospice care.

Hospice Care and Heart Disease

Hopefully you know by now that hospice care focuses on your comfort and helping you enjoy your last days. If that sounds tragic, it shouldn’t. It just means that you are choosing the highest possible quality of life. It means you don’t want to live like you are right now. Choosing hospice means you want to manage your pain and symptoms. This choice also says that you are ready to accept that being cured is unlikely.
If you’ve come to this place in your health journey, you are not alone. The Las Vegas hospice services can help you determine if you qualify for this style of care. You also need to set some realistic goals for your health over the next few months if this is going to be the route you choose.

How to Qualify

First and foremost, two different doctors have to say that you probably won’t live longer than six months. You’re a perfect candidate if a specialized doctor said there was nothing more that could be done for you to help you live longer. Death has become inevitable because you feel like you have tried absolutely everything to get better.

Set Realistic Goals

If you get this far, now you have to decide how you want your care to look. Do you want to stay home and away from hospitals? Do you want to be cared for by nurses or family caregivers? Are you open to receiving a multi-directional style of care including spiritual and emotional health?
If you’re not ready for hospice care, you are probably still interested in being taken to the hospital when things get particularly severe. You have to remember that most insurances will not cover hospice and hospital visits for the same illness at the same time.
What makes hospice so amazing is that you don’t have to worry about being hospitalized. You will still receive amazing care at the hands of your hospice care team of nurses and doctors.
If you’re still not convinced, you can schedule a consultation with Las Vegas hospice services to get more information. Definitely consider that Pro-Care Hospice of Nevada may be the right choice. The nurses and staff are dedicated to providing comfort and support to all the patients. They strive to give patients the best experience possible. For more information about Las Vegas hospice services, contact 702.380.8300.

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