Why Choosing Hospice Doesn’t Mean Giving Up


Why Choosing Hospice Doesn’t Mean Giving Up

It’s unfortunate how many people don’t understand the full benefits of hospice care. So
many people believe that choosing hospice means they are throwing their loved one into some facility to be neglected until they die. This is a huge misunderstanding of what hospice is and the purpose it serves.
Here’s a quick explanation of hospice: hospice is a style of care. It is designed for people who have been diagnosed with incurable terminal illnesses. The part most people don’t understand is the philosophy behind Las Vegas hospice services. Choosing to place a loved one in Las Vegas hospice services does not in any way mean you are giving up. Truthfully, it means the exact opposite. Hospice is all about ensuring a patient is as comfortable and happy as possible during their last days. It is a style of care that includes medical, emotional and spiritual modalities.

Choose Hope

Just because someone has an incurable illness does not mean they are ready to die. Chances are, you aren’t ready for them to die either so choosing hospice means choosing hope.
By submitting yourself to Las Vegas hospice services you actually take back your power. You choose to enjoy the rest of the time you have in a comfortable place. You choose to acknowledge that death does not have to be a scary, lonely event. You choose to spend time on the things that matter rather than consuming your mind with uncontrollable frustrations. When you choose hospice care, you are choosing to instigate healing, peace and comfort for your entire family.
In a small way, hospice does mean giving up. If Las Vegas hospice services are looking like a feasible option for you, you’ve probably been through a lot. When you choose hospice, you give up stress. You give up unnecessary invasive treatments. You give up hospital visit after hospital visit. If you have a cancer, can giving up chemotherapy really sound so bad? You can give up feeling nauseous and tired by choosing to embrace the quality of the rest of your days.
You do not want to be on your deathbed wishing you used your time more wisely. It is okay to give up time consuming doctors appointments when all they’ll do is give you the same old news. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time playing game and recounting memories with the people who matter to you most?
Take solace in the fact that you are not giving up. You are choosing hope. Of course, there are many different Las Vegas hospice services out there with varying degrees of quality. Choose ProCare Hospice of Nevada because they strive to give patients the best experience possible. For more information about Las Vegas hospice care, contact 702.380.8300.

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