Leaves of Valor

Leaves of Valor

Each year, 680,000 US Veterans die.

The Leaves Of Valor program offers a way to honor your Veteran loved one.

Your commemorative gift of a leaf, rock, or dove, engraved with your Veteran loved one’s name, will be displayed on our Tree of Life in the ProCare Hospice facility, as well as support Veterans with the unique care they need to end their life’s service in comfort and dignity.

Small leaves measure approximately 1.78” tall and 3.95” wide
Larger leaves measure approximately 2.74” tall and 6.07” wide

Many Veterans are uninsured or underinsured. They sacrificed for us and we owe it to them to celebrate their service at the end of their journey. Your memorial gift allows us to provide care to those Veterans not currently receiving the benefits they should, as well as provide complementary treatments, such as massage, pet, art, and music therapies to aid in their comfort.

ProCare is proud to be a Level Four partner of the We Honor Veterans program. We maintain a room in our inpatient unit dedicated to the special needs of those who have served our country.

Our mission is to combine professional medical care with family devotion to provide a
dignified and comfortable end-of-life journey for everyone.

Your support for the Leaves of Valor program allows us to go the extra mile for those who served our country.

At the end of life, ProCare means Family Care.

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