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Hospice volunteers are a unique gift to the hospice and to the patients. Volunteers commit to holding the hand of a patient when they are alone, laughing with patients and loved ones during moments of reminiscence and providing a shoulder to cry on when caregivers need support or patients need a friend. ProCare Hospice of Nevada views working with volunteers as a privilege for they provide a different set of eyes on a patient circumstance and an outside view of the agencies accomplishments and defeats.
Most people are unaware of this fact, but hospice started as a group of volunteers in 1974. Florence Wald, along with two pediatricians and a chaplain founded Connecticut Hospice. This group paved the way for all hospice agencies, including ProCare. They pioneered pain and symptom management and encouraged other groups of volunteers to start hospice programs in other states. After several attempts to have the US Congress review hospice care as a benefit, Congress finally created a Medicare hospice benefit as part of the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982. Although hospice care has morphed and changed over the years, hospice volunteering still remains as one of the pillars of hospice care.
More than 400,000 trained volunteers provide more than 19 million hours of service for hospice patients each year.
Volunteers can assist patients by providing respite care, emotional support, companionship, running errands, pet therapy or even singing and listening to music. Volunteers can also help ProCare by assisting with administrative work, marketing tasks and customer service calls.
We are actively seeking volunteers today! Use the form at the right or email us at to get started.


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