ProCare Continuum Supportive Care

What is the ProCare Continuum Program?

The ProCare Continuum is a supportive care program for patients suffering from a serious illness and are still seeking curative options for care. The ProCare Continuum is beneficial at any age and at any stage of a serious illness. Supportive care is a service designed to anticipate, prevent, and alleviate physical, psychological, social, and spiritual suffering, and thus improve the quality of life for patients, families, and caregivers.

What is Supportive Care?

Supportive care is often called “palliative care.” Supportive care is defined as specialized medical care that provides relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness.

What’s the difference between supportive care and hospice?

As you look at the continuum of health in the diagram above, supportive care covers the entire spectrum of care. Even with curative treatments intended to cure a serious disease, there are usually adverse symptoms that patients need relief from. Therefore, supportive care can easily go hand-in-hand with curative care.

When the options for a cure become limited due to the patient’s intolerance to aggressive treatment or the risk of treatment becomes more risky than beneficial, the patient and loved ones may decide to discontinue treatment and focus on comfort or supportive care.

The main focus of supportive specialists is to alleviate suffering, restore dignity, and enhance quality of life.

Do I have to give up my own doctor?

No! The ProCare Continuum team provides an extra layer of support and works in collaboration with your primary or treating physician(s). Your primary or treating physician(s) will continue to direct your care and play the lead role in your treatment. The ProCare
Continuum team members include:

ProCare Continuum Physician
ProCare Continuum Nurse Practitioner
ProCare Continuum Nurse Navigator
Medical Social Worker
Chaplain or Spiritual/Existential Counselor

You would also have access to on-call 24/7 nursing support.

What costs are associated with the ProCare Continuum program?

ProCare Hospice of Nevada’s sister program, The ProCare Continuum, can offer the best of both curative and supportive worlds! Individual restrictions may apply, based on your insurance plan. Co-pays for medications and individual provider visits will apply.

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