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ProCare Foundation Helping Hospice Patients in Need.

The ProCare Foundation takes a straight forward approach to understanding the hospice community, finding the problems that exist for patients, and developing solutions. We find new ways to raise awareness, increase outreach and facilitate collaboration in an effort to improve a patient’s quality of life, easing their journey through serious illness.

We are an independent, not-for-profit foundation that has one mission: providing assistance to patients in need. Our staff is composed of all volunteers.

Throughout the State of Nevada there are thousands of patients and families in need of financial assistance throughout their terminal illness and end-of-life care. Generous contributions like yours help cover medical costs for patients in need of financial assistance to provide essential comfort and symptom management, which may include support with necessary expenses such as rent or groceries, and absorb other costs that maintain or improve quality of life.

Supporting ProCare Foundation is the most direct way to provide patients and families facing a life threatening or terminal illness with much needed care and emotional support. Through your donation, you help meet the needs of these patients. It’s donations like yours that help us grow ProCare Foundation into something truly remarkable.

If you are interested in more information on how to support hospice patients in need, please call 702-380-8300.


ProCare Hospice of Nevada is family owned and operated.

We believe that treating you and your family like our own is the only way.

It’s the ProCare way.


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