Christmas Drive

This holiday season, over 20 of the families in our end-of-life care service are struggling to make the holidays happen. Our Foundation needs your help.

Christmas Donation hampers, Help Refugees and homeless. Xmas Charity Donation box with warm clothes, food and toys near Christmas tree at home. Charities giving Christmas hampers to families in need.

Please consider donating the items listed below.

Christmas Trees
• Winter Jackets/Mittens/Hats • Clothes/Socks: Baby to Adult • Shoes: All Sizes
• Backpacks/bags
• Bed sheets:

◊ Crib mattress size
◊ Toddler Mattress size ◊ Twin
◊ Twin XL
◊ Queen

• Blankets: Baby, Children and Adult sizes
• Hair accessories
• Baby board books/ young childrens’ books • Fidget toys/Light up toys

• Art Supplies
• Zip side/foldable Wagon
• Play Pen
• Bobby Pillows
• Baby Floor Mats
• Baby bouncer seats
• Baby Activity/ rocker Chairs • Baby Activity Table (with legs) • Baby stroller
• Tablet/iPads
• Switch Games
• VR Accessories
• LED Humidifier
• RoKu

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