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Palliative Care and Managing Anxiety

When you’ve been told that you only have six months (or maybe less) to live, it’s okay to be anxious. Whether yours is a mild case of anxiety or you feel regular panic attacks, it isn’t an abnormal feeling.

Just because it is normal, however, doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Any form of anxiety should be recognized and treated as soon as possible to avoid more adverse complications.

How to Recognize Anxiety

The most important thing is to know what anxiety looks like before you can decide how to treat it. Anxiety is caused by the release of adrenaline in the body and has three basic ways of showing itself to you.

Mild Anxiety

This is a common kind of anxiety. Many people may even brush off the symptoms as daily stress. In the mind, mild anxiety can make you feel very alert and can even narrow your focus. Emotionally, you may feel irritated by little things. It’s very likely to have a short temper as well. Physically, you probably have a hard time sleeping or resting.

Moderate Anxiety

This kind of anxiety puts much more stress on the body. Mentally, if you have moderate anxiety, you will have a hard time concentrating and focusing on things that matter. Emotionally, you are more likely to be visibly upset and irritated. Sudden fits of crying is also not uncommon while feeling worried. Physically, the symptoms are moderately severe. You can be experiencing a higher heart rate, palpitations, fast breathing, nausea or diarrhea.

Severe Anxiety

If you have severe anxiety regarding the end of your life or palliative care, your overall health is really at risk. It’s important that you recognize the following symptoms as soon as possible and visit a hospice doctor Las Vegas trusts to handle these sort of things.

Mentally, you can expect to see things like an absolute inability to focus and a state of mind that is disconnected from the rest of the world. Emotionally, you can see out of control crying, severe agitation, and the communication of dark and depressed thoughts. In an effort to feel better, you may notice yourself repeating behaviors that successfully soothed you in the past. Physically, if you have severe anxiety, you may notice any of the symptoms from mild or moderate anxiety. In addition, you may experience vomiting, incontinence or chest pains. You may even hyperventilate once in awhile.

Treatment Options

The first step in treatment is to try to regain calmness. Distractions tend to work really well for this. Try do something different and fun that takes your mind off your Las Vegas hospice services. If that doesn’t work, seek medical help. A hospice doctor Las Vegas trusts may prescribe a number of different medications to try to relieve the symptoms.

Just don’t forget to treat the underlying cause of anxiety. Speak with someone to help address the pain and stress you feel. If you need direction, you should call ProCare Hospice of Nevada. They are experts in making you comfortable during your last moments. For more information about the hospice doctor Las Vegas trusts, contact 702.380.8300.


What Do Hospice Social Workers Do?

There are a lot of different professionals that come together to build a Las Vegas hospice services care team. Of course, there are the medical professionals. There are also people to help with spiritual and emotional matters. One professional on the hospice team that many are not aware of is the hospice social worker.

This professional is an unsung hero. The hospice social worker is a certified medical MSW that specializes in dealing with the things no one else on the hospice care team can. These professionals receive in depth training about care during a patient’s last days. They are also experts in areas like ethnic diversity and the cultural differences in how families interact on different levels.

Another thing that makes this professional invaluable is that she is an expert in the many different ways that a patient can manage symptoms. Since hospice care is all about improving the quality of the life a patient has left, this is an important expertise to have available to patients. Patients want to know that their comfort and well-being are a priority being handled by someone who knows what they are doing.

Benefits of a MSW

Aside from those already listed, there are many benefits to having an experienced medical social worker as a part of your hospice care Nevada team. A few of them include:

  • An ability to readily identify all needs a patient may have and provide support as needed to the patient and the family. This includes emotional and spiritual support. The MSW is adept at finding the best ways to provide the necessary services to the patient.
  • An ability to help with the accurate completion of things like insurance paperwork and legal matters that affect the end of one’s life. This includes things like do not resuscitate orders.
  • An ability to help a family make informed decisions regarding a patient’s care by helping them stay focused on what their overall goals are.
  • An MSW can help a family track down available resources that can be helpful when dealing with medical bills that never seem to end.

Once the patient passes away, the benefits of having a medical social worker do not end. An MSW can help your family plan the funeral and tie up any loose legal ends. Since most families tend to be emotionally distraught after a death, it is helpful to have someone in your Las Vegas hospice services care team to help manage the details.

Under most circumstances, your hospice care team will have one MSW assigned to it it. He or she will be responsible for providing for your needs for the entire time you’re in hospice care. As the MSW builds a relationship with you and your family, you have to decide if he or she is a good fit. If not, request someone else. This person will be dealing with very intimate family matters so you deserve to have someone you trust.

When you choose Las Vegas hospice services, you also choose an MSW. The best choice you can make is to choose ProCare Hospice of Nevada because they strive to give patients the best experience possible. For more information about the hospice care Nevada trusts, contact 702.380.8300.

Why Choosing Hospice Doesn’t Mean Giving Up


Why Choosing Hospice Doesn’t Mean Giving Up

It’s unfortunate how many people don’t understand the full benefits of hospice care. So
many people believe that choosing hospice means they are throwing their loved one into some facility to be neglected until they die. This is a huge misunderstanding of what hospice is and the purpose it serves.

Here’s a quick explanation of hospice: hospice is a style of care. It is designed for people who have been diagnosed with incurable terminal illnesses. The part most people don’t understand is the philosophy behind Las Vegas hospice services. Choosing to place a loved one in Las Vegas hospice services does not in any way mean you are giving up. Truthfully, it means the exact opposite. Hospice is all about ensuring a patient is as comfortable and happy as possible during their last days. It is a style of care that includes medical, emotional and spiritual modalities.

Choose Hope

Just because someone has an incurable illness does not mean they are ready to die. Chances are, you aren’t ready for them to die either so choosing hospice means choosing hope.

By submitting yourself to Las Vegas hospice services you actually take back your power. You choose to enjoy the rest of the time you have in a comfortable place. You choose to acknowledge that death does not have to be a scary, lonely event. You choose to spend time on the things that matter rather than consuming your mind with uncontrollable frustrations. When you choose hospice care, you are choosing to instigate healing, peace and comfort for your entire family.

In a small way, hospice does mean giving up. If Las Vegas hospice services are looking like a feasible option for you, you’ve probably been through a lot. When you choose hospice, you give up stress. You give up unnecessary invasive treatments. You give up hospital visit after hospital visit. If you have a cancer, can giving up chemotherapy really sound so bad? You can give up feeling nauseous and tired by choosing to embrace the quality of the rest of your days.

You do not want to be on your deathbed wishing you used your time more wisely. It is okay to give up time consuming doctors appointments when all they’ll do is give you the same old news. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time playing game and recounting memories with the people who matter to you most?

Take solace in the fact that you are not giving up. You are choosing hope. Of course, there are many different Las Vegas hospice services out there with varying degrees of quality. Choose ProCare Hospice of Nevada because they strive to give patients the best experience possible. For more information about Las Vegas hospice care, contact 702.380.8300.